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The Encyclopedia of Plant Genome (ENPG) maintains a database of processed high-throughput sequencing data for multiple plant species and provides a platform to search, visualize, and share the data for plant biology community. Data available from ENPG includes uniformly processed sequencing data, detailed data information, and evaluation of data quality. Database is updated every month from the lasted published research literature and newly released sequencing data.

ENPG was established and funded by the NanoScholars Corporation. The goal of ENPG is to overcome the barrier of bioinformatics and provide an easy way to access published high-throughput sequencing data in plant biology community.

The data in ENPG can be searched and visualized by embedded JBrowse. ENPG also evaluates the quality of each dataset and provides simple quality figures for users’ judgment. Datasets in ENPG can be downloaded for your further analyses.

ENPG Data composition

All the raw data are mainly obtained from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) repository and Sequence Read Archive (SRA) and further processed by ENPG. In the pilot phase, ENPG only collected chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by sequencing (ChIP-seq) data in four plant species. Quality evaluation, DNA methylation, and MNase-seq data will be added in phase I stage. In the phase II stage, ENPG will expand its scope to Hi-C and RNA related data.


The Encyclopedia of Plant Genome (ENPG) browser is funded and developed by the NanoScholars Corporation. Positions taken by The Encyclopedia of Plant Genome represent the views of ENPG itself and not those of the NanoScholars Corporation or its trustees, officers, or staff.


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